Day: May 4, 2018

What is no-win no-fee and how does it work?

By sonickyouth

No-win no-fee legal cases have received a bad reputation in the media. Only recently a news article stated that ‘government targets shady law firms’ as brazen no-win no-fee law firms begin to chase false claims, confident they will never end up in court. Untrustworthy people and firms abuse the no-win no-fee agreements made with solicitors for personal gain. By doing so, they take the light away from the benefits no-win no-fee claims can bring to the lives of customers who will truly benefit.

What is a no-win no-fee claim? The fundamental principle is that you agree with your solicitor that states you can claim compensation without worrying about the upfront legal fees. According to the travel industry, personal injury claims against hotels and all-inclusive holiday providers have increased up to 500%. In 2013, there were 5000 claims. In 2016, this figure has risen to 35,000. News outlets suggest this increase … Read the rest