California Transportation Companies Maximize Productivity and Profits with Oversize Permits

December 11, 2018 Off By Delores V. Stalnaker

Oversize patents are important to the operations of transportation companies. These permits allow truck drivers to move large vehicles and large loads over the road. In the state of California, oversize permits help transportation companies to maximize their productivity and their profits. The material below will explain why oversize permits helps transportation companies to excel in their industry.

Oversize Permits in California Transportation Drivers to Move Special Loads

Sometimes, a transportation company will need a larger than normal sized vehicle to move freight. When a transportation outfit is given a lot work, or they have to move an extra load, having an extra-large vehicle is efficient and it is practical. This will help to increase productivity and help transport businesses to quickly move loads to their destination. Oversize permits California provide this type of benefit and this in turn will bring in more profits to companies who want to maximize their earning potential. Sometimes it is beneficial for a company to utilize oversize permits for these purposes.

Why must transportation businesses have oversize permits?

Transportation companies cannot move heavy or large loads on public roads because they could end up damaging them. Roads and highways might seem like they are indestructible, but they are not. They also might seem like they can hold a lot of weight, but they are more fragile than most people would believe. The fact is that roads, bridges, highways and streets can handle a lot of stress and weight.

However, if a transportation company decided to move a lot of large loads over a certain section of highway or city streets they could easily damage the infrastructure. Just remember that streets can only take so much wear and tear and heavy vehicles and loads could easily damage them. Think about potholes or cracks on the road. Also, bridges and other forms of infrastructure might not be able to accommodate certain loads that are too large or too heavy.

Oversize Permit Requirements in the State of California

California oversize permit requirements are available from CalTrans which is a part of the state’s licensing sector for transportation. Transport businesses can visit their website or stop in at a local California Department of Transportation to find out more about this service. If a company is approved, they will receive a permit that will outline the time frame of the permit, operating time, restricted travel information and dimension limits for oversize vehicles, flat beds and loads. It will also provide guidance for other requirements pertaining to escorts or pilot cars.

California Transportation Companies Thrive with the use of Oversize Permits

Many California based transportation companies thrive with the use of oversize permits. Companies that are able to utilize these permits will open up more opportunities in terms of attracting diverse clients. Oversize companies will be able to get more clients and secure more opportunities by having this type of service. Once a company secures an oversize permit they can move construction equipment, prefab structures, large pieces of buildings, giant sized animatronics and can even transport parts of infrastructure. Oversize permits make it easier for transport outfits to find more work and to improve their bottom line.

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