The Responsibilities of a Real Estate Attorney

December 11, 2018 Off By Delores V. Stalnaker

A real estate lawyer knows the regulations and rules pertaining to real estate transactions. They help their clients understand legal documents and contracts. This type of lawyer handles mortgage fraud, zoning issues, negotiates for their clients, verifies if a property has a lien, transfers titles and deeds and is knowledgeable about numerous issues common in real estate transactions. A real estate lawyer works with both corporations and individuals. It is a good idea to retain a real estate lawyer during complicated transactions such as a short sale, foreclosure or purchasing property owned by a bank.

Some title companies and lenders require their clients to retain a lawyer to confirm there are no issues with the title for the property. A Dallas real estate attorney understands the complex tax filing status and tenant relationship rules when a commercial property is purchased or sold. In some instances, a lawyer is necessary for advice when bankruptcy has been filed or there is a judgement. Real estate teams may need legal assistance when handling a property belonging to an estate, in an area making the property vulnerable to a natural disaster, termite issues or environmental contaminants. For additional information please visit this site.

Some individuals may require the assistance of an attorney to sell or purchase a house. Despite the majority of real estate agents understanding the documents necessary for sellers and buyers to file prior to closing, an attorney can provide valuable advice. Many people feel a real estate attorney provides them with peace of mind because they know every detail has been taken care of properly and legally. Real estate lawyers are often retained to make certain any home additions do not conflict with the permit guidelines or local building codes. Lawyers often thoroughly review the language used in contracts and purchase agreements to ensure both the seller and purchaser are receiving exactly what they wanted, and no errors or conflicts are present. They additionally make certain everything is done in a lawful manner. For more details please visit here.

There are some states that require an individual to hire a real estate attorney. These states have different ways of addressing real estate settlements and require all individuals purchasing or selling a home to have a lawyer present to ensure the home sales are signed off properly. There are restrictions placed by some states determining what actions an agent can use during a real estate closing. In some states real estate agents are authorized to approve the individual purchasing the home for title insurance and are able to process title abstracts. The documentation and deeds in these states must be handled by a real estate lawyer. When an individual is required or chooses to retain an attorney, it is important they make certain they have the necessary funding available to cover the fees charged by the lawyer. It is always a good idea to research the areas of expertise, background and education of a real estate attorney prior to hiring them for representation.

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