My Legal Rights When I Get Injured On my Job

December 11, 2018 Off By Delores V. Stalnaker

A reasonable safety and a healthy work environment are demanding by each employee. However, it has been seen many times employers fail to fulfill their responsibilities to their employees, as a consequences employees are injured in the workplace. Minor injuries are avoidable, but major injuries put a detrimental effect on the injured party. These major injuries may include fractures, aggravations of pre-existing conditions, occupational illnesses and even mental injuries. In every country, employment rules and regulations are meant that helps employees with the workplace injuries. But, you have to understand the legal options and the legal rights of a worker to take advantages of a workers’ compensation claim. Moreover, if you have been injured on the job, you can get in touch with workers compensation attorneys Los Angeles for best assistance. The way to protect your rights if you are injured in the workplace is elaborated below:

How to protect your legal rights?

The most vital and the easiest way to defend your legal rights is to report your on job injury to your employer. According to the employment laws, injury must be reported to the employer typically the same day or within a few days of the incident. Then, A claim should be filed in the workers’ compensation court or an industrial court in your state. It does not only protect your rights, but also send notice of your injury to your employer or employer’s insurance company.

What are the Legal Rights?

Workers’ compensation laws vary from country to country or even region to region in the same nation. Some of the legal rights which are common across most of the states are as follows:

  • Each employee has the right to file a claim for the injury in the state industrial court or the workers compensation court.
  • Each employee has the right to consult a physician and to pursue medical treatment
  • if the physician permit the employee to return to work, the employee has the right to return to your job
  • the employee has the right to get disability compensation if the employee unable to return to work because of the injury or illness
  • The employee has the right to appeal to the court if has a disagreement issue with the employer or employer’s insurance company.
  • The employee has the right to hire a worker’s compensation attorney Los Angeles.

If you still confuse with the legal right of the employer, you can consult a best worker’s compensation attorney to know more about it and to present your case in the court.

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