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According to the Pennsylvania Lemon Law, if your car is eligible for being a lemon, the manufacturer must either repurchase the vehicle or provide you with a similar replacement vehicle at your discretion. Do you have a lemon? Here is what to do.

Deliver your car to a manufacturer-approved repair shop

Under the Pennsylvania Lemon Law, a buyer must deliver their vehicle to a manufacturer-approved repair shop if they believe their car has a flaw and needs to be fixed. This rule is only broken when the damage is so severe that it would be irrational to transfer the vehicle.

The manufacturer or the repair facility must receive written notification from the buyer if they cannot transfer the vehicle due to the problem. The written statement serves as a notice of delivery, and the manufacturer must arrange free transportation to deliver the car to a repair facility at no consumer’s expense.

Gather information

Details are crucial while preparing a Pennsylvania Lemon Lawsuit. If the claim goes to court, you will be better prepared the more you have. You can gather proof of the fault, keep all repair bills, and track all communications with the manufacturer or authorized dealer.

The manufacturer or dealer must give the buyer a thorough statement with an itemized list of repairs if a service effort is made. The report ought to contain the following:

  • Scheduled pick-up and drop-off dates and times
  • Costs for materials and labor
  • An explanation of the flaw
  • The mileage on a vehicle

The repair technician will be able to identify and fix the issue with notes on the vehicle’s performance, odd sounds, odors, and other symptoms that indicate a probable flaw.

Consider the following before requesting repairs under the Pennsylvania Lemon Law:

  • Making a video using a camera or smartphone of the problem as it happens to show the repairman.
  • By asking to go on a drive-along with a facility manager or service adviser, you can try to reproduce the problem in their presence.

Initiate a claim

You may look for additional remedies, such as a refund or replacement vehicle if the manufacturer cannot correct the issue within a reasonable time. Here are the steps to start the claim:

  • Call the local manufacturer’s representative. The owner’s manual for the car may provide the phone number.
  • Work with the zone representative to fix the issue. If a dispute department for the dealer is available, you can use it to request arbitration of your case if there is no resolution.
  • You can bring a lawsuit to have the problem resolved if the manufacturer doesn’t provide an adequate dispute resolution procedure.

Manufacturers with a dispute resolution plan must abide by the arbitration ruling. However, if you, as the customer, are dissatisfied, you can take more action by filing a private complaint.

Bringing the issue to court

Lemon laws protect consumers. But without a lawyer, you risk getting into a protracted argument with a manufacturer who would like you to waste time and money in the hopes that you will give up. You can successfully bring a potential Pennsylvania lemon law issue to the court with the help of an experienced lemon law attorney.

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