5 Tips for Dealing with a DUI Charge

December 29, 2022 Off By Delores V. Stalnaker

5 Tips for Dealing with a DUI Charge

Facing a DUI charge can be scary and canwarrant you years in jail. It is your responsibility as a driver to refrain from operating any vehicle when drunk. You risk being accused of driving while intoxicated and you should be prepared to deal with this when it occurs so that you don’t complicate issues. Here are suggestions for dealing with a DUI charge;

1. Cooperate with the officer

Making sure you don’t get into any more trouble than you already are should be your primary priority. The majority of the time, people argue with the police that they are not intoxicated or that they are driving under legal speed. All of this won’t matter when you get caught.

If the officer discovers you are intoxicated, their testimony will always precede in court. For this reason, your DUI defense attorney will advise you to give the necessary details and remain silent.

2. A field sobriety test is not a must

There are a lot of myths about drunk driving online, just like there are about many other topics. One of the most frequent is taking a field sobriety test after being stopped for a possible DUI. Whether or not you accept to take this test is up to you. To your best advantage, politely decline a field sobriety test if you believe the results may further implicate you. 

3. Never resist arrest

Remember that when an officer requests you to exit your car, your actions can be watched and used against you in court. Your case is handled more leniently if you behave correctly and don’t cause any trouble for the policeman. However, if you fight arrest and annoy anyone else or the police officer, you may also face additional criminal charges. 

4. Hiring a lawyer is crucial 

Refrain from trying to negotiate the judicial system on your own. DUI regulations are complicated. With the assistance of a legal expert, it is possible to get your charges dropped or annulled. Finding a criminal defense lawyer with DUI case experience is necessary. Ensure you hire a lawyer who mostly specializes in DUI cases.

5. Note down everything that occurred within the last 24 hours

The most crucial advice is to keep track of everything that happened before and after your arrest and write it down. Write down the name of the police officer who arrested you or the name of a witness who may attest to your sobriety during your arrest.

Don’t discuss your arrest with anyone because the cell can be bugged. Calling anyone else is not recommended; If possible, you should only contact your lawyer. Additionally, confessing your crime to anyone after getting arrested is not great. This is because your confession can get utilized against you during the court trial.

Final thoughts 

A DUI charge is severe since it stays on your history for many years or the entirety of your life. Your future is thrown off since potential employers and educational institutions will consider it. The most critical advice for avoiding DUI is to behave responsibly and maturely.