Why You Should Instantly Hire an Assault and Battery Lawyer

June 21, 2022 Off By Delores V. Stalnaker

Why You Should Instantly Hire an Assault and Battery Lawyer

Hiring a DC Assault and Battery lawyer is essential if you have been charged with an assault or battery offense. You can find a criminal defense attorney through an online directory. Here, you can find information about the laws that pertain to assault and battery crimes. Also, you can learn about common aggravating factors and the steps to take to hire a lawyer. Read on for more information. Also, learn more about the cost of hiring a criminal defense lawyer.

Laws relating to assault and battery

A charge of assault and battery can be filed if a person intentionally touches another person without their consent. While an assault must involve physical contact, a battery can also involve criminally reckless or negligent contact. Accidental contact is also a form of assault. It can be difficult to prove intent when a defendant doesn’t even know what he’s doing. Here’s an example of an assault and battery case.

Assault and battery are separate criminal charges in most jurisdictions. However, they are often combined into a single criminal charge. In general, a battery is any physical contact that places the victim in immediate danger or causes physical harm. While an assault may be a misdemeanor, it can escalate into a felony if the act is repeated or involves a significant aggravating factor. Also, laws differ in their use of terms. Some use only the word “assault” while others use both.

Common aggravating factors

Aggravating factors are specific characteristics that increase the severity of an offense. These factors may be present in a particular offense, such as the victim’s age, a prior conviction, or a prominent role in a criminal scheme. Depending on the state, the aggravating factor may be a hate crime or another type of offense motivated by bias. Listed factors may include race, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation, as well as sexual orientation or gender identity.

Some aggravating factors overlap with enhancements, such as the use of a weapon, the use of a deadly weapon, or the victim’s past criminal history. In addition, some are not listed separately. In the 1980s, “tough on crime” efforts introduced a slew of enhancements. These laws required harsh punishments for repeat offenders, including life in prison, and they were widely used in criminal justice. But, the exploding prison population has led to legal reforms that have reduced many of these laws. However, prosecutors are still allowed to consider the aggravating factors when crafting sentences.

Steps to take to get a criminal defense lawyer

Hiring a good criminal defense lawyer for assault and battery charges is an excellent idea if you’re facing a charge involving this offense. A good attorney can navigate the criminal justice system and get you out of jail after an arrest. They can also negotiate a plea deal on your behalf and raise defenses to help you avoid a conviction. Even a misdemeanor charge of assault and battery can affect your future employment, housing, and loan eligibility. In some states, you can’t even get a conviction for crimes of violence erased from your record.

First, you should understand what assault and battery are. The criminal law in Illinois treats assault and battery cases seriously. An assault charge can be a misdemeanor if there is no physical contact, while a battery charge can involve even a threatening gesture. This charge can carry a prison sentence of up to a year in prison. In addition to the potential jail time, an assault and battery lawyer will know exactly what to expect when negotiating a plea bargain.

Cost of hiring an assault and battery lawyer

If you are facing an assault and battery charge, you need to hire a dedicated lawyer. This type of lawyer will aggressively pursue your case and protect your legal rights. They will explore all possible avenues and utilize every available defense strategy. If you are unsure whether you need a lawyer, here are some tips that can help you make the most informed decision. Listed below are some of the most common reasons to hire a lawyer for your assault and battery case.

The cost of hiring an assault and battery lawyer depends on the severity of your case. A higher contingency fee will be charged if your case is difficult to prove. An attorney who specializes in assault and battery cases will not request more than a third of the settlement. In some cases, the cost of hiring a lawyer is less than you think. It is important to choose a lawyer based on their success rate and experience. You shouldn’t have to pay a retainer up front.