Common Reasons For Car Accidents

August 29, 2022 Off By Delores V. Stalnaker

Common Reasons For Car Accidents

Driving is a responsibility, and every second of carelessness or rashness can lead to damage and regrets. To avoid car accidents and stay responsible, drivers should learn about the common reasons for car accidents below. It is imperative for drivers

Human error

A recent study found that 94 percent of car crashes were caused by human error. These crashes occurred because the driver was distracted by something else or had failed to notice a pedestrian. Other reasons may include glare, poor contrast, or the driver concentrating on something else. Regardless of the cause of the accident, it is essential to seek financial compensation with the help of a Tampa car accident attorney if you have been a crash victim.

While there are many causes of auto accidents, most car collisions result from human error. Other causes include poor road conditions, third parties’ negligence, and driver’s inattention. The sad thing about human misconception is that most of the time, the causes are preventable.

Intoxicated Driving

The most common type of car accident involves two vehicles traveling in opposite directions. These crashes can happen for various reasons, including driver distraction, drowsiness, or impaired judgment. A drunk driver is prone to losing consciousness behind the wheel and can even lose control of the car altogether. Intoxicated drivers may have poor judgment and not see pedestrians, making them dangerous. If a drunk driver hits a pedestrian, the pedestrian has little to no chance of survival. The injured pedestrian may suffer catastrophic injuries or even die.

Drunk drivers are also less able to judge distances and have sluggish reactions. As a result, their reaction times are slowed, and they may mistakenly believe they can slow down and not crash into the pedestrian crossing the road. This risk increases tenfold at night. Distractions from cell phones can also lead to car accidents. A few seconds can cause a car crash, and the driver can’t react to any potential traffic hazards.


Many people don’t realize that driver fatigue is one of the most common causes of car accidents. It’s hard to quantify the impact of driver fatigue, but the consequences can be tragic. Depending on the circumstances, fatigue can lead to multi-car collisions, such as a driver falling asleep behind the wheel and slamming into a long line of cars. Alternatively, a driver falling asleep behind the wheel may have a single-car collision. In the case of either scenario, passengers may choose to sue the driver and seek compensation from the driver’s insurance carrier.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), driver fatigue is the principal cause of 31 percent of fatal crashes. The agency analyzed crash reports to determine the factors that contributed to these crashes and identified fatigue as one of the most common causes.

Red Light

Most drivers who run red lights do so because they are impatient and in a hurry to get to their destination. It is a mistake to assume that the time it takes to make a turn is worth the risk of a car accident or even death. However, some people don’t care about their safety and drive recklessly because they think no one is watching. This is recklessness in its most extreme form. Drivers who violate traffic signals are responsible for 39 percent of all motor vehicle accidents. Approximately half of those killed in red light-related car accidents are pedestrians, bicyclists, or passengers in other vehicles.

Distracted Driving

One of the most common causes of car accidents is driver error, such as speeding, failing to obey traffic signs, or eating while driving. Drivers distracted while driving is less likely to see hazards, such as stop signs, and are less able to recognize when to yield to cars on the road. Drivers should also drive slowly and yield at intersections. They should also avoid straying from their lane, as doing so can cause serious accidents.

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