6 Benefits of Hiring an Employment Lawyer

May 11, 2020 Off By Delores V. Stalnaker

6 Benefits of Hiring an Employment Lawyer

If you are involved in an employment dispute, or you’re not sure what to do about an employment-related issue, you might be wondering if there is any benefit in talking to an employment attorney vs trying to handle things on your own.

The good news is that most employment lawyers work off a contingency basis. If you’re not familiar with that terminology, it means that the lawyers don’t get paid unless they help you recover money.

Because they are financially invested in your case, they’re motivated to help you recover as much as possible without drawing things out. And many times, employment claims allow you to also add in lawyers fees – which helps you keep more of the compensation that was recovered.

However, you might be wondering why even hire an employment lawyer?  Why not handle things on your own and keep all of the compensation?

Here are 6 reasons to talk to an employment lawyer about your employment issue:

  1. Most employment lawyers offer a free case review.  During this consultation, you’ll be able to share the details of your employment issue and the lawyer will give you an idea of whether or not you have a case.
  2. Some employment lawyers will give basic guidance on small matters. In cases where the recovery amount isn’t much, or where the case isn’t strong – some employment lawyers will give you some guidance on how to handle things on your own, or how to strengthen your case.
  3. Most employment lawyers take cases based on risk and reward. This is good for the employee, as the lawyer isn’t going to take a case that they don’t believe they can help recover compensation.  And they generally won’t take a case where the compensation isn’t enough to cover their fees.
  4. Employment lawyers know what to expect. Some cases can take months, even years, to go through the court process.  This can be an emotionally exhausting time, and many employers will attempt to slow the process down in order to exhaust the other party.
  5. Employment lawyers know when to push forward, and when to settle.  There are times when it might be better to settle your case than to let it go to court, and an experienced employment lawyer can help let you know when the best time is to play your cards.
  6. Employment lawyers can help recover more compensation.  Between federal and state laws, it can be complicated to know exactly what you’re entitled to and how to manage the different filing deadlines to maximize the amount you can recover.

Drew Lewis, PC, led by its lead trial attorney Drew Lewis, has years of experience representing employees who have claims for unpaid wages, employee discrimination, wrongful termination, and severance agreements.

Drew has recovered millions of dollars for his clients.  He understands how employers try to hide the facts and how to prove employment cases.  And he does not give discounts to employers who have stolen from their workers.

You have the right to be treated fairly when you’re at work. Talk to an employment lawyer if you believe your rights are being violated and get the help you deserve.