3 Factors that Could End up Hurting Your Custody Case

March 14, 2019 Off By Delores V. Stalnaker

One of the aspects that is the most distressing during divorce proceedings is custody. And this is where many people end up making crucial mistakes that will ruin their chances of getting what they want. The worst is that they are sometimes completely unaware that they’re committing these mistakes and might even think that they could actually help their case. In this article, we’re going to give you some of the factors that could end up ruining your child custody case.

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Losing Sight of Who This is For

People often forget that this is ultimately about the kids, not about them. That’s why you have to set your hurt feelings, frustration, and anger aside and think about your children first and foremost. When judges look at child custody cases, they look at what they think will be your children’s best interest. They will look at the testimony and evidence from both sides and determine who will be getting custody based on various factors. They will look at things like who was taking care of the children at home, who’s in charge of the children’s education, and who gives the most moral and emotional support to the child.

They will look if one of the parents is or has dealt with substance or alcohol abuse. In addition, they will see if any of you has a history of violence and will determine which household can provide the safest place for your children.

Do not Bad Mouth Your Ex in Front of the Kids

Some parents will go out of their way to vilify the other parent in front of their children so they can win them over to their side. But that could not only be disastrous for the children’s development but will eventually affect your case if the judge finds out. The court encourages parents to make sure that the child can have a healthy relationship with both parents. If it is found that you’re actively trying to sabotage your children relationship with the other parent, it will count against you in court.

Moving in with Someone Else

Trying to soil the reputation of your ex-partner is only one of the mistakes you could make that could end up ruining your case. Another thing that could be looked at unfavorably would be leaving the marital home and continuing your life with a significant other. Courts do not like the idea of children being exposed to somebody new so close to a separation, and you might suffer the consequences for it. If you want to know more about which mistakes you should avoid during custody hearings, firms like Cordell & Cordell regularly run free men’s divorce webinars where they explain exactly what you shouldn’t do during divorce hearings and increase your chance of getting a favorable custody outcome.


Custody battles are never easy, but when you know what to avoid and understand more about what factors influence them, you’ll be able to avoid making decisions that could affect your case.

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