Why You Need A Family Attorney

January 10, 2018 Off By Delores V. Stalnaker

Family attorneys are called in when families have legal issues that they can’t resolve by themselves. Families with lots of property, assets, and wealth often need full-time family attorneys to work side by side with them. The majority of families don’t usually need an attorney very frequently, if at all. The average family will need family attorney Tampa services only when there is an occasion that calls for it.

When to call a family attorney

When people think of a family attorney, they often think of a divorce lawyer only. And while it’s true that family lawyers DO work on a lot of divorce cases in their career, there are other more minor and major issues that don’t have anything to do with the dissolution of a marriage. Families have a host of legal issues that arise, both before they form and during their duration.

Take a prenuptial agreement as one such example. A prenuptial agreement is worked out before a marriage and family are even formed, so that both parties have a better idea of how things will be resolved legally in the case of divorce. This is a wise move in an era where so many marriages end in dissolution. Before both parties marry, they may be better equipped to logically and calmly work out their differences in the case of divorce. It’s much easier to do it when things are good between the two people and before the marriage is in trouble.

Another common issue for a family attorney is the subject of wills. When one member of the family dies, they want their family members to know what to do with their finances and belongings. The estate will need an executor. Family attorneys are frequently called in to help a family member make a will, and sometimes other family members will want to be involved in the process. Another non-divorce issue is sometimes visitation. For example, grandparents may have to legally ask for visitation with grandchildren if the parents refuse to let them see the grandchildren. This is an issue outside of marriage and onto the extended family.

Family attorneys take the complex and emotional issues of marriages and the families it creates, and it makes these issues more endurable. Thanks to dedicated family attorneys, many serious disagreements are averted and love remains in the family.

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