What a Perfect Miami Personal Injury Lawyer Would Do For You

June 27, 2018 Off By Delores V. Stalnaker

For a lawyer who is specializing in the traffic accidents specialization is a must and youshould have specialists in the a number of disciplines: legal medicine, expert experts in accident reconstruction, investigators, lawyers specializing in civil liability and lawyers specialized in claiming permanent disabilities. In JDA / SFAI, we have all these specializations and we advise that, in the event of an accident, the victim contacts a specialist lawyer as soon as possible after the accident, so he can establish the strategy and ask for the essential tests to determine the responsibility in the accident and for the accreditation of damages. The Miami Personal Injury Law Firm helps you out in this matter.

The Features of these lawyers

Most personal injury lawyers work on the basis of contingent fees; the client only pays if his lawyer wins the case. Typical contingent rates are between thirty and forty percent of the amount allocated; if the case is not won, there are no legal fees to pay but the costs of the claim must be paid. While it may be tempting to choose a lawyer who charges the lowest percentage, fees should not be the only considerations for hiring a lawyer. Generally the most experienced lawyers can ask for the highest rates, but if the lawyer is not skilled and experienced, the plaintiff may be less likely to succeed.

The Client Protfolio

In order to know if the lawyer in front of us is a specialist in traffic accidents, we must look at the client portfolio he deals with, the type of questions that said professional makes, as he guides us at all times, not only from the legal point of view but also in other areas derived from experience and see if you know the different judicial criteria depending on where the accident occurred. When you hire one lawyer specialized in traffic accidents is to get the maximum compensation and for this you must have the right weapons: the reputation of lawyers and experts in assessing the physical injury accident specialists is recognized by insurance companies and this is important to get the maximum compensation.

Great Advantage

In short, the great advantage we have as specialists is our experience, a fact that allows us to see beyond the injuries assessing damages that may affect the future work and social life of the injured. In the same way that a doctor does not know about all specialties, a lawyer cannot know all the disciplines at the same time, so the specialization, experience and reputation of the lawyer is a fundamental issue to obtain the highest compensation after having a traffic accident.