Important Considerations When Buying a Survivalist Retreat Ranch

A faction of the population is strongly interested in the survivalist movement, emphasizing the ability to survive a catastrophe that eliminates electrical power and other services for a lengthy period of time. These individuals begin taking precautions at a variety of levels, such as storing a substantial amount of drinking water and food that will last for several weeks or even months. Some save money to buy rural land where they can grow their own fruit and vegetables, raise livestock, and hunt wildlife for food. They may be interested in listings for hunting ranches for sale if they can find a property within their price range.

Hunting ranches, as listed by an organization such as Sports Afield Trophy Properties, contain hundreds or even thousands of acres where the family can build a self-sufficient life and enjoy their own little piece of paradise. They may seek a retreat with a river, natural pond, or stream from which they can catch fish. They want land from which large and small game can be harvested. Depending on where the property is situated, the large game might include whitetail deer, elk, and bear. Small game covers a broad range of birds and animals. The family will appreciate being able to harvest ducks, geese, grouse, squirrels, rabbits, and other animals that can be legally hunted within specific seasons.

This type of acreage can be quite expensive, so the survivalists must have a plan for how they will afford the land. Several families might combine their resources and buy acreage together, building a small prepper community of sorts. Unimproved property that will be used as a residential setting will need to have a well drilled and a septic system installed for wastewater removal. Those features must be factored into the purchase price. Survivalist families commonly build their own homes and outbuildings as part of their self-sufficient lifestyle. They may want land that has forested areas where they can gather wood for heating. Living off the electrical grid may be important to these individuals. The process of building the homestead and thriving there is a gradual one, and they want the property they buy to be both functional and beautiful.

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