How to word your will

October 5, 2018 Off By Delores V. Stalnaker

If you decide to write your own will you will need to ensure that it is structured and worded with complete clarity to prevent confusion and avoid errors that could invalidate it.

Remember that a will is a legal document and no matter how sound the document may be, if it fails on one small technicality or error in wording the whole document could then become useless.

If you’re considering writing your own will, read our top tips for wording your will before you get started.

Top tips for wording your will

Use a template – there are plenty of professional will templates available at a small cost to help you ensure that you don’t miss out any standard sections or important legal terms.  Even if you use a template it’s best to read up and double check that you’ve got everything covered for your own peace of mind.

Double check spellings, especially names – don’t risk a careless mistake or misspelling creating problems when it comes to executing your will, always double check spellings and have someone else proofread the document.

Always name people – when naming someone within your will always be very specific and ensure that you use people’s full names rather than their relation to you, e.g. ‘my son’ or ‘my wife’.

Use proper legal terms – if you’re set on writing your own will, it is important to take the time to learn the proper vocabulary and terms to use within the document, for example, assets, beneficiaries, executors, guardians, etc.

Getting the wording right can be difficult, especially if your will or its terms are more complicated than simply leaving everything to your spouse or children.

The price of a professional will writing service is extremely reasonable when you consider the peace of mind that it will give you knowing that the document is free of errors and your estate will be divided according to your wishes.

For professional advice or help with writing your will, contact our experts here at Wafer Philips Solicitors on 0151 256 7898 for a simple, low-cost, will writing service that you can trust.