How To Get Your Denied Workers’ Compensation Claim Reversed

February 8, 2019 Off By Delores V. Stalnaker

The United States rolled out workers’ compensation insurance programs in every single state across the nation in 1949. Up until last year, when Texas decided to kick its worker’s compensation coverage requirements into the proverbial bucket, every state maintained a workers’ compensation program since all states started the tradition some 70 years ago. Unfortunately, even if you legitimately, seriously injured yourself in your line of work, the state you live in might return your claim to receive workers’ compensation payments with a big, fat DENIED stamp on it. Here are several reasons why workers’ compensation claims are denied across the United States.

You Better Have Immediately Sought Medical Attention

Government agencies that are responsible for awarding people with workers’ compensation payments to replace the wages they would have earned if they hadn’t been injured can do basic math. In other words, if you don’t immediately check into a hospital or emergency room within minutes of suffering such injuries, you likely will be discriminated against based on the potential that your injury wasn’t actually that bad since you were able to hold off from seeking medical treatment in an immediate manner.

Did You Report Your Injury Quickly Enough?

States have deadlines for how long you have to report to relevant government agencies that are responsible for workers’ compensation programs. If you miss this window – keep in mind every state has their own window length – then you likely won’t be able to receive coverage.

If Your Employer Disputed The Nature Of The Injury, Can You Prove They Are Wrong?

Employers and government agencies are equally liable for paying employees for their lost wages. They obviously don’t want to spend more money than they have to. If your employer disputed the fact that you hurt yourself in the regular line of duty without doing anything out of the ordinary, you’ll need proof to show to your state government’s relevant office. If you can prove any of the things above, you stand a solid chance of getting your workers’ compensation claim denial reversed. If you don’t get accepted this time around, don’t waste any time and call a workers comp lawyer oregon immediately.

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