How to Get a Fast Close on Your Austin Property

February 12, 2019 Off By Delores V. Stalnaker

Getting to closing day is important to both buyers and sellers of Austin real estate. You can arrive at that date faster by utilizing a law firm that has the right connections to speed things along. Knowing all of the principal parties to bring together to create the perfect sale is what moves the process along at what seems like lightning speed.

Choose a Law Firm that Can Pull a Closing Team Together

Closing on your Autin property can handle faster than ever when using a law office that has the connection in the legal market to get all parts of the process in motion. Having numerous Title companies at their disposal and an escrow agent on staff cuts down on search time for these specialized services.

Licensed Escrow Agent

An escrow agent is one that handles the earnest funds and ensures the monies are put aside for the closing process. It is a licensed individual that is separate from the lending company for a mortgage.

Title Company

The title company does a thorough search to ensure there are no problems with the transfer of ownership. Assurances are made to guarantee the title is insured.

Legal Oversight

The closing attorney is the individual that looks over every part of the deal to make sure it is legal and that everyone is in agreement before proceeding to close. The attorney makes sure that all necessary documents are ready and that the right signatures are placed on the right papers.

Bringing Everyone Under One Roof

All concerned parties have to be brought under one roof on the day of closing. It doesn’t take a long time, but everyone has to be present, which includes, the buyer, seller or seller’s attorney, closing attorney, title clerk, mortgage officer, and the escrow agent.

Call on the legal experts in real estate closing Austin TX that buyers and sellers both depend on for the closing process to happen quickly and smoothly.

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