How to Choose the Best Business Lawyer in Miami?

May 24, 2019 Off By Delores V. Stalnaker

Starting your own business is an exciting experience. You finally get to work on something you love and on something that remains yours. Along the way and day by day, you face challenges and situations that are complicated to handle. You need professional help from many different people. One of these people is a lawyer. Learn more about this profession here.

A lawyer is a very important figure in every business. Smart businessmen hire attorneys at the very beginning of their journey. They tend to build a real relationship with them. This is because a lawyer should be someone who can be trusted and loyal. It is like a marriage that’s supposed to last. So how to hire the right one? Read on a learn more.

Don’t wait until you’re desperate

As we already said, hire the right person the very first moment you’re able to do it. Why? Because when you really need one it will be too late. Just imagine that you encountered a problem that needs legal representation or you need to sue someone. This must be done fast and clean. There’s no time for going to interviews, asking questions, etc. You’ll hire the first one that gets in your office. This, however, is an enormous mistake.

You have to spend some time before anything happens. You need to search for the right person thoroughly. You have to ask some question and get to know each person up close. Some of them will simply reveal negative energy and others will show bad intentions even before you hire them. You have to make the right choice because when true problems occur, you have no time to search.

Look for the right type of lawyer

As you’re looking for the right person, ask for their certificate and see what they are specialized in. For example, if you’re running an e-commerce company, you don’t need an attorney who has specialized in drug cases. Unless you’re planning to smuggle illegal substances, why would you choose this person? See the most common types of lawyers here:

Ask for their track record and see what are they best in. See if they previously handled situations that are most likely for you to get in. There are hundreds of attorneys out there, so don’t settle until you find the right one. This person is going to represent you in the future and they need your full trust in order to win cases.

Choose experience over track record

When you open the files of all lawyers you’ll able to see their track record. However, a perfect score is not the most important thing here. A 25-year old legal representative might be full of energy and hyped to win for you and they might have a 100% score, but 3 wins in 3 cases mean nothing when you compare this to an experienced guy with over 30 years of experience.

Always look for the experience because of more reasons. First, they’ve been into so many situations that the young guys can’t even think of. They’ll find solutions for everything you’ll need. Some cases are impossible to win, but an experienced guy will do their best to get you out of it.


Location is not everything, but if you can choose, then choose an office that’s close to you. Sometimes you’re going to need to act fast and Miami-Dade County is huge. It may take hours until they get to you. That’s why it’s better if you choose a person that’s close to you. Also, not every business lawyer Miami has will be able to get to your office at all times. If it’s close enough, you’ll be able to go there instead of the other way around.

Look them up online

There are countless websites offering experience sharing from different attorneys. Every single one is reviewed from previous clients and you’re able to see everything they did in the past. You can see if people are satisfied with them. This means before you hire the person you most like, see if they worked as you’re expecting them to do. Sometimes people change. Like a commercial. They say the product is flawless, but once you try it, you see there are many flaws.