Finding the Right DUI Lawyer

June 4, 2019 Off By Delores V. Stalnaker

Driving under the influence is a criminal charge that many prosecutors do not take lightly. All states have implemented mandatory penalties for those found guilty, and judges are required to follow specific guidelines when determining appropriate punishment when a conviction has been reached. All defendants are required to have adequate legal counsel when cases are being negotiated to avoid taking a case to trial, and many times defendant legal counsel will be provided by a public defender assigned by the court when the defendant cannot afford an attorney. This situation rarely bodes well for the accused. Cases that involve borderline evidence could still be prosecuted as a strong case without an aggressive personal criminal defense attorney who will take serious interest in the issue. Nevada provides public defenders at both the state and county level, but the attorneys work for the state and local governments that will be prosecuting the case. Priorities can be compromised easily. DUI lawyers in Henderson at MLG Law understand this dilemma for the typical impaired driving defendant, and realize that defending all legal rights of their clients is imperative.

What an Experienced DUI Lawyer Can Do

Strong representation for DUI defendants begins with a thorough investigation into the events that led to the arrest. Your DUI attorney from MLG Law can investigate all evidence being used by the state in prosecution and move for evidence suppression when certain articles can be questioned as invalid. The method in which the defendant was investigated can matter greatly, as all articles of evidence must meet specific guidelines regarding acquisition. Police officers rarely have the suspect’s criminal defense rights in mind when investigating for criminal activity, and DUI is a type of crime they always investigate intently. And, alcohol intoxication is not a requirement for an officer to make an arrest, as driving under the influence of controlled substances can justify a conviction. There are established procedures for obtaining this evidence, and a defendant’s rights can be violated quickly and easily. An effective DUI lawyer can move for dismissal of any questionable evidence when it cannot be used by the state.

Why You Need Strong Legal Counsel

The negotiation stage of a DUI case is crucial for the future of the defendant. Even one impaired driving conviction can be problematic for many years to come in egregious cases, and defendants who do not have strong legal representation can be punished harshly. This is especially true for those with a prior conviction for driving under the influence, are under the age of 21, or have a commercial drivers license submit to suspension. Underage defendants and professional drivers are held to a stricter standard regarding level of impairment, and the impact on their life can be even further enhanced by punishment. Your attorney from MLG Law will work diligently for the lowest penalties possible when the case cannot be dismissed.

Contact a Nevada DUI Lawyer

Even when you can qualify for a public defender, it is always best to retain a private attorney will go the extra distance in defending your claims in a DUI case. It is an investment in your future as well as your freedom. Nevada residents should always contact MLG Law Firm DUI lawyers in Henderson for solid legal representation.

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