Car Accident Claims – Things To Do After The Incident

April 13, 2019 Off By Delores V. Stalnaker

There is nothing more important than our life. Before ensuring the safety of anything else, our life should be the first priority. In fact, incidents like car accident make life get complicated. To deal with the important matters for the investigation, it is quite complicated. Dealing with normal thoughts about the injuries, police statement, car repairs and about insurance claim are so hassle. Meaning, it will never go smooth unless you have that person to see for yourself. However, you are the person in the accident has happened, so it never goes easy for you. In fact, you will be thinking of many bombarded sorts of feelings. It would make anyone struggle to make any decision. Thus, if wanting to file a claim right after the incident, there are steps to follow. 

Important steps to follow

There are essential steps to follow when filing a claim with a car accident lawyer. Thus, these things are regarded as vital for the claim you deserved to get.

  1. Determine the injuries of both driver and passengers. This is the first thing that must be done right after the incident. For instance, a grave shock had happened, it is necessary to call for an ambulance. If you had done a medical aid, then this can be a good decision as well. But, this is the only ideal for a not serious accident happened.
  2. Call the police. The very important part is also calling the police. This will be a good decision because the police advice about what must be done. Thus, the instructions of the police must be followed. It is very relevant to take statements from passengers and the driver involved. Even though it seems so unfair on your side if sometimes the insurers will work against your interest, still, tell the truth. Once proven that the crash doesn’t have the relevant data, the insurance company will find it out. Indeed, they are the most professionals in this field.

Know your statements

Yes, knowing your statements are very important. When stating the truth, it is not the time of accusing the other party involved in the accident. You need to limit the statements to the truth. It is very important to avoid saying the words “I’m sorry”. This will drive you to get interpreted as acceptance. Meaning, you accept that it’s your fault. The police and insurance companies judge the truth. They will make the way to find who’s guilty. 

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