Are Disability Lawyers Free?

October 21, 2018 Off By Delores V. Stalnaker

Are disability lawyers free? The short answer is no — but there is much more to be said about the cost of legal advice than that. The fees that lawyers charge their clients can differ greatly among legal teams and even the cases that clients bring them. Here is what else you should know about disability lawyer costs.

The basics

Disability lawyers deal with the intimately important vein of disability insurance rights. They are essential for people seeking to cash in on their disability insurance benefits but, for whatever reason, have been denied the aid they desperately need. This happens frequently because of obscure contractual language that allows for loose interpretation of payout timelines or requirements. If you are experiencing a combative insurance agent, it may be time to call a lawyer to get the treatment you need.

When selecting a lawyer, your first consideration should be the experience and professionalism you’ll need when you’re represented in court. Fees come secondary to this, and some lawyers like the Halifax-based Preszler Law offer free initial consultations.

Consultation costs

While this may seem like a universal truth among legal advisors, the reality is that not all law firms offer cost-free advice to potential clients. This may be a product of shoddy work or a lack of confidence in the firm’s ability to retain clients once they gain a better handle on their legal predicament. Whatever the case, make sure you take this into account when considering a legal team. If you’ll be billed later for simply walking through the door and inquiring about the generalities of your personal situation, you might be better off looking elsewhere.

Lawyers are not always well versed in your specific issue. You may have found the perfect lawyer for your case, but chances are you will need to shop around a little, so to speak. There is nothing worse than speaking with professionals for an hour only to find out that they don’t know how to help you and you are being billed for their unproductive “assistance.”

Fees if you win

Some law firms will only bill you if your case is successful. If you are victorious in your suit, be prepared to cut your legal team a check, because they earned it. But be aware that you may be on the hook for expenses even if you don’t win. And that can be rough — not only are you not receiving the compensation you were counting on, but you also have to shell out a chunk of your own personal money to pay a legal team that lost your case.

When considering a legal team, look for one that won’t bill you if they lose. There is no guarantee of the outcome of your suit, no matter the weight of the evidence for or against your claim – just ask the late Johnny Cochran about his glove defense!

Compassionate for your circumstances

Finally, choosing the right lawyer requires a human element beyond simple economic considerations. You need to find a lawyer who fits your unique circumstances. If you are bedridden at the hospital, you need a lawyer who will come visit you to discuss your case. If you have been prescribed medicine that makes you sleepy, you need a lawyer that won’t slot you in to their schedule early in the morning when you are overcoming your grogginess.

Finding the right lawyer can be a difficult task, but you can easily get a feel for how the team will treat you once you become a client by speaking to the office staff and watching the way they interact with each other. As well, you want to find a legal team that will be proactive in updating you on the progress they are making. You don’t want to find yourself going to trial and learning important facts of the case in the courtroom.

Choosing the right disability rights lawyer can seem daunting, but it only requires careful consideration of the priorities of the legal team. Make sure you choose a firm that will prioritize your rights and needs over their own.