6 things to do if you are charged with DUI offence

December 27, 2017 Off By Delores V. Stalnaker

Fresno DUI lawyer is extremely strict when it comes to DUI charges. If you are convicted for the first time, you will land up with $1800 penalty fine, license suspension and even jail sentence. However, in many cases, you can waiver off the penalty burden to some extent if you are strategic with your steps. Here is a brief on the steps you should take when the cops signal you to pull over.

Be steady while pulling over

Your DUI conviction and arrest are not only dependent on the BAC tests but also how the cops report your case to the court. Thus, if you get tensed and pull over in a haste, the official will take note of that. You have to stay calm and steady to ensure you are not under excessive influence.

Don’t answer probable incriminating questions

It’s natural to get tensed when cops ask you to pull over. But remember, an anxious mind is often not in control and will be vulnerable to probable incriminating questions. Your task here is not to divulge any details without asking your DUI attorney. The cops will ask you how many drinks you had, your license number and so on. Do not answer any question. Rather just apologize and tell them that you can’t answer. And at any cost, do not be aggressive or rude to the cops. If you are polite with them you will receive the same respect in return.

No lies

Do not lie about anything the cops ask you. In case the officer finds out about your dishonesty, he can very well use it in court against you.

Don’t trust hand-held breathalyzer

Roadside breathalyzers are mostly unreliable and have shown to display erroneous readings in several occasions. Moreover, it’s not exactly difficult to tamper with their results. So, if the official is somehow extremely displeased with you, there could be tampering with the breathalyzer data. As mentioned earlier, your DUI arrest and penalty charges are highly dependent on the arresting officials outlook about you.

Take chemical breath tests at police station

You are legally required to take chemical tests right at police station when you are convicted under DUI charge. Most of the DUI attorneys advise to take these breath tests as these are mostly unreliable. As a result, the readings of these test data can be easily attacked during your trial at the court.

Contact a DUI attorney immediately

After the chemical test has been done, you must immediately contact a seasoned DUI attorney. Make sure your attorney is backed by a successful track record and has successful represented similar cases before. You must inform each and every incident regarding your case and DUI conviction to your attorney.

Our seasoned attorneys have successfully represented many DUI cases and we are ready to look into your matter.

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