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Law and Justice: A New Concept of the Blindfolded Woman

Justice can be described as reasonable actions and treatment. This word is common in the field of law wherein justice must be served to all people. The truth is, the Greek statue of a blindfolded lady may have been a great icon of justice. Yes, you are reading it right. Blindfolded. Your initial reaction might be to form a question why is she blindfolded. You may inquire, “why does it signify justice while she cannot view what is happening on around her?” Well, you may be entitled to do that but the typical meaning of the blindfolded lady is that she, being shut out on the offer that numerous individuals may give her. With that, fortunea and fame, as well as death would never have the power to influence her and only justice will succeed. This would imply that despite who you are, despite where you live, and despite what’s your class in the society, you will always receive justice.

But unfortunately, plenty of folks ignore the prevalent meaning of the blindfolded woman and pay attention to on another meaning which is not being capable of seeing or feeling what is occurring in the surroundings. Some of which may be purposive while others are non-purposive. Basically, the intentional concept is a selfish idea of people who are involved. People with this concept knew about morality or the law of the land. Alternatively, non-intentional is just being unmindful of the scenario that triggers injustice.

Fundamentally speaking, the whole process of the justice system is initially blindfolded per se (pause a bit and think…). Now, let us understand more about this idea. People are merely human beings. They cannot be at one place at the same time which makes them blindfolded in several cases. For instance, a criminal defense lawyer when approached by a client does not really know about what is happening. All he has to execute is to collect details from the defendant and acquire records or files that would verify the client is not guilty. That act is being blindfolded. In the same way, having a witness can be an evidence of justice processing being blindfolded too for no one really is aware if what the witness is stating is really true or not.

Even though the justice procedure is simply blindfolded, it does not imply that you by no means you can obtain justice. You can always stand, talk, or hold things even when you are blindfolded. It’s only that this document is trying to communicate a fresh thought about justice and the blindfolded woman. Blindfolded to do away with bribery, blindfolded in the principle of correct and incorrect behavior, or blindfolded in the justice proceedings – all may be appropriate. It’s simply a subject of how you take it.

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