How to Generate Extra Income

Need more money? Is your current income not cutting it? If there’s lots more you want to do, including save more for your retirement years, it’s time to do something about your financial situation and make more $$$. With a little ingenuity, you can make some cash on the side starting up your own business, thanks to low overhead costs and often the ability to work from home. Here are some ways you can generate extra income:

Sell Unwanted Items to Fund your Business

If you don’t have the spare cash lying around to start up your business idea, start selling things you no longer need. Visit sites like Craigslist or eBay, or visit a pawn shop like, to gather some start-up cash and utilize it as a money-making investment.

Put Money in Stocks

Investing in the stock or bond market will help you save for the long … Read the rest

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In The Unequal World Of Construction

In the unequal world of construction, where large firms frequently enter into contracts with much smaller ones, tensions are always close to the surface. In an industry where cashflow is all, late payments, ineptitude and indecisiveness can push parties towards insolvency, threatening both their continued corporate survival and the build in question.

To some extent, this is inevitable. Both commercial and residential building works are often complex, not just in terms of a build itself but in respect of the surrounding contracts that apportion responsibility for specific parts of the construction process. It is usual for multiple parties to have interests and obligations: the employer client, for whom the works are being undertaken, the contractor or contractors, and any subcontractors. When things go wrong, the size of the project may have little bearing on the nature of the complication or, indeed, on the magnitude of potential financial losses.

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