6 things to do if you are charged with DUI offence

Fresno DUI lawyer is extremely strict when it comes to DUI charges. If you are convicted for the first time, you will land up with $1800 penalty fine, license suspension and even jail sentence. However, in many cases, you can waiver off the penalty burden to some extent if you are strategic with your steps. Here is a brief on the steps you should take when the cops signal you to pull over.

Be steady while pulling over

Your DUI conviction and arrest are not only dependent on the BAC tests but also how the cops report your case to the court. Thus, if you get tensed and pull over in a haste, the official will take note of that. You have to stay calm and steady to ensure you are not under excessive influence.

Don’t answer probable incriminating questions

It’s natural to get tensed when cops ask you to … Read the rest

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