Are You Entitled to Filing a Bad Faith Claim Against Your Insurance Company?

When individuals pay their monthly or yearly insurance premiums faithfully, they expect their insurance company will be there for them when they need help the most. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. All too often, insurance companies do all they can to protect their bottom line which means injured victims end up suffering. Unfair settlement amounts are commonplace. If an insurance company fails to pay the true value of a claim, the policyholder may have the right to pursue a bad faith insurance claim against their provider. To discover information on this subject, Read More.

These are the most common reasons policyholders file a bad faith insurance claim:

  • The insurance company refuses to pay on a valid claim.
  • The insurance company fails to settle within the stated length of time.
  • The insurance company is failing to settle the claim in a timely manner and is trying to avoid settlement.
  • The insurance adjuster has misrepresented facts or the policy provisions.
  • The insurance adjuster tells an injured policyholder they do not need a lawyer.

Under the breach of contract theory, an injured victim can pursue their insurance company for the amount they are owed in their settlement plus interest. It is imperative an injured person works with their insurance company and provides them all of the information they need to successfully settle the claim. Attempting to “set up” the insurance company in the hopes they will commit bad faith can cause problems.

An individual may also be entitled to recover compensation for any economic losses that occurred, their emotional distress as they went through the process, and any attorney’s fees they had to pay to hire legal representation. It is imperative a person seeks legal help as soon as they are aware their insurance company has committed bad faith.

If the insurance company you filed your claim with is not being fair in their settlement process, it is imperative you realize your legal options and what you can do to pursue your claim. Call a lawyer today and ask about a consultation appointment so you can learn more about your rights and what it will take to get you the fair outcome you deserve.

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