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Riverside Paralegal Services: Increasing Awareness and Understanding About Paralegal Document Preparation A the legal document refers to a written document wherein two or more people sign and notarize a legal binding agreement upheld in a court of law, expressing and records legally enforceable processes, action, contractual obligations, duties, and rights. Some examples of legal documents include a deed, bond, will, certificate, contract, legislative act, notarial act, court writ, and any law passed by a competent legislative body in a local or international law. What is a legally binding document?What does a legally binding document consist of? A legally binding document includes an agreement or terms outlined in a contract, with the signature of both parties and the signature of a witness, and having it notarized. Wording plays a crucial role in a legal document, because once it’s signed, it becomes the entire scope of a contract, and if something is missed or not included in the document, it means that it doesn’t exist in the said agreement. While the wording doesn’t make a legal document more or less legally binding, it can clarify exactly what you’re legally bound to do. If you are running a business, you’ll require legal documents such as articles of incorporation, auto bill of sale, bill of sale, boat bill of sale, business plan template, business purchase agreement, cease and desist, commercial lease agreement, construction contract agreement, deed of trust, employment agreement, end user license agreement, firearm bill of sale, hold harmless agreement, independent contractor agreement, invoice form, joint venture adventure agreement, land or ground lease agreement, letter or intent, licensing agreement, loan agreement, non-disclosure agreement, partnership agreement, partnership agreement amendment, photo release form, privacy policy, promissory note, purchase order, quitclaim deed, release of liability form, revocation of power of attorney, sales agreement, stock certificate, terms of use agreement, trademark assignment, video release form, and warranty deed. The different types of legal documents include a power of attorney, loan agreement, and promissory note. The different legal documents that a paralegal can help you with include parenting plan or child custody agreement, medical records release form, separation agreement, roommate agreement, revocation of power of attorney, prenuptial agreement, power of attorney, photo release form, per care agreement, personal property purchase agreement, living will, letter of intent, last will and testament, divorce agreement, cohabitation agreement, child travel consent form, and child medical consent. If you are buying or selling, as well as managing a real estate property a paralegal can help you prepare documents such as deed of trust, eviction notice, home lease agreement, land or ground lease agreement, late rent notice, lease agreement, lease amendment, lease application, lease renewal, lease termination, mortgage deed, notice to increase rent, notice to quit, notice to vacate, pet addendum to a lease agreement, quitclaim deed, rental application, roommate agreement, smoking lease addendum, sublease agreement, tenant removal form, vacation rental short term lease agreement, and warranty deed.The Beginner’s Guide to Resources

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